Motorrad Center Stockholm

We accept the challenge!

- NYTT FRÅN 2019-01-17 -

BMW Motorrad Dealer Build-Off 2019

The mission
: To create a kick-ass cool BMW Motorrad Custom Bike within a scope of 4 months, and to share the story around the bike and the team behind the creation.

The most creative and stylish bike will win, the prize is glory and honor!

We accept the challenge!

Our story:

For us, the R Nine T is not just a type of bike, we can see the importance of the heritage family that the R Nine T represent. This type of bike was built to celebrate the iconic R models that have been rolling since the 30's and are still kicking all around the world.
So in this Dealer Build-off Challenge we wanted to make a tribute to the classic models, giving this fine 21st century's bike some old school design, but keeping the BMW DNA.

Our team: Alberto Duplat, Douglas Lindberg, Micke Johansson och Per Klitter.

The work has begun! The bike right now consists of ordered parts and a rough sketch, but we will keep updating this page with exciting developments regularly, so stay tuned!

The finished product:

Finally, after many hours of hard work, this beautiful creation is finished! Big thanks to the team and to Alberto Duplat who spent so much time perfecting this very special bike, from the initial drawing of the design to the final result!

Don't you just love it?